ANBI data and donation

The Dutch tax authorities have designated the Stichting Omroep Muziek as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI). This means that no gift tax has to be paid for donations. More information can be found below under the heading Donation.

ANBI data
Name of institution: Stichting Omroep Muziek
Fiscal number: NL 8034.27967 B01
Chamber of Commerce: 41 19 46 69

Form ANBI data 2020
Form ANBI data 2021

Contact details
See the Contact page in the main menu.

Board composition
In accordance with the Governance Code Culture, the Stichting Omroep Muziek has a director/manager, Mr Roland Kieft, and a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board consists of Mr Jan Reinier van Angeren (chairman), Mr Ryclef Rienstra, Ms Janneke van der Wijk and Ms Hermineke van Bockxmeer.

Remuneration policy
The Supervisory Board determines the remuneration policy, the amount of the management remuneration and the amount of other remuneration components. The management remuneration is in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Broadcast Music.
The members of the Supervisory Board receive no remuneration for their work.

The purpose of the foundation is
(i) to maintain and operate a broadcasting orchestra and a broadcasting choir;
(ii) to provide the 'Levende-Muziek-series' of the national public media service, so as to make a significant contribution to the strengthening of the national public media remit as formulated in the Media Act
(iii) contributing to classical music life in the Netherlands in general, and all that is related or beneficial to the above.



Policy plan
In December 2021, the SOM presented its policy plan for the period 2022-2026 to the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. With this policy plan, the SOM accounts for the subsidy it has been and will be granted. You can find the outlines and the policy plan on the page Policy plan and Annual report.

Report on activities performed and financial statements
The report on activities carried out and the annual financial report will be placed on the website after adoption by the Supervisory Board. Both can be found on the page Policy plan and Annual report.



Would you like to support us with a one-time or periodic donation? This is possible in a fiscally attractive way: donors of an ANBI may deduct their gifts from their income or corporate tax. From 2012, donors to cultural ANBIs will be able to deduct an additional amount from their gifts. From 1 January 2012, when calculating your deduction, you may increase your gift by 25%. The maximum increase per year is € 1,250. Do you make both an ordinary gift and a periodical gift to a cultural ANBI? Also in this case, the amount of the increase is at most € 1,250. You can find more information on the website of the tax authorities.

Until 2014, you could only deduct a periodic donation (for a period of at least five years, also known as an annuity) if you had recorded this at the notary's office. This is no longer required for periodic gifts as of 2014. You can choose whether you want to set down the donation via the notary or via a written agreement with the institution or association to which you are making the donation.

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