An Evening of Film Music


  • John Williams from Star Wars: Main theme
  • John Williams from Superman: March
  • Hans Zimmer / Nic Raine from The Da Vinci Code: Chevaliers de Sangreal
  • Hans Zimmer / John Wasson from Gladiator: Main theme
  • Nino Rota / John Glenesk Mortimer The Godfather (Medley)
  • John Williams from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Harry's Wondrous World
  • Alan Silvestri / Calvin Custer Forrest Gump (Medley)
  • John Williams from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: Raiders March
  • John Williams from Jurassic Park: Main theme
  • John Williams from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Flying theme
  • John Williams from Jaws: Main theme
  • John Williams from Hook: The Flight to Neverland
  • Klaus Badelt / Ted Ricketts Pirates of the Caribbean (Medley)

An evening of the finest and best-known film music, played by the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra under the direction of chief conductor Nicholas Milton.

Iconic Film Music
As long as film has existed, there has been film music. Even before the sound film was invented, pianists, organists, ensembles and even complete symphony orchestras sat in the movie theater to provide exciting music for the silent film. To this day, music is still an essential part of any good movie. Sometimes it's so iconic that you don't need the image at all to instantly recapture the mood. Two bars of Star Wars and you immediately see the spaceships shooting across the screen. One minute of twinkling opening sounds of Harry Potter and you immediately relive the magic of the sorcerer's apprentice.

John Williams with the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra
The AVROTROS Friday Concert brings an evening of the most famous film music by Nino Rota, Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt, among others. The greatest of all is undoubtedly John Williams, nominated 52 times for an Oscar, of which he won five. He is the principal composer of this program, which is performed by the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra and its principal conductor Nicholas Milton. Orchestra and conductor caused a furor in Germany last season with their program Nacht der Filmmusik. Close your eyes, enjoy the most beautiful film music and imagine for a moment Indiana Jones, ET or the bloodthirsty shark from Jaws.

Friday, Feb. 23, 2024
8:15 pm

Large Hall


Göttingen Symphony Orchestra
Nicholas Milton

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