Van Baerle Trio

Van Baerle Trio: Mozart, Liszt & Fauré


  • Gabriel Fauré Piano Trio
  • Rob Zuidam Triptych (world premiere)
  • Franz Liszt Tristia
  • Johannes Brahms Second piano trio

For another twenty years, the Van Baerle Trio has been successfully building a national and international reputation. In this recital they bring together extremes of Mozart, Liszt and Fauré with a new work by Rob Zuidam.

Van Baerle Trio with Mozart and Fauré
The repertoire for violin, cello and piano is so rich that in the twenty years of their existence, it has never been a problem for the Van Baerle Trio to make each recital a colorful concert. Mozart wrote his Piano Trio K 542 as pure relaxation to be played with his friends. As usual with this music of the late 18th century, Hannes Minnaar has the lead role behind the piano, but with subtle accompaniment from Maria Milstein and Gideon den Herder. In Fauré's case, all three go at once in his romantic Piano Trio, one of his late works that excels in clear compactness. "Not a note too many, as Mozart would do," according to Fauré expert Roger Nichols.

Liszt and Zuidam
Vallée d'Obermann, after the melancholy protagonist from Senacour's epistolary novel, Liszt himself found his most poignant composition, which he could not play with dry eyes. Not for nothing that this romantic at heart called the free arrangement for piano trio Tristia. Rob Zuidam is certainly no stranger to Hannes Minnaar. Years ago, the composer was deeply impressed by the pianist's artistic achievements and composed Nox for him. The step to the Van Baerle Trio was therefore not a big one. Especially for the three musicians, Rob Zuidam composed an entirely new work commissioned by the AVROTROS Vrijdagconcert, which will have its world premiere in this concert.

Friday, March 22, 2024
8:15 pm

Large Hall


Van Baerle Trio

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