Executive Board

Mr. Maurits Haenen, director

Executive Secretary
Astrid Vogel, Executive Secretary
T: 035-6714100
E: directie@omroepmuziek.nl

Ot and Sien for the Broadcasting Music Centre

Artistic Affairs and Management

Artistic affairs
Janneke Godschalk, senior manager artistic affairs
Lotje van Pesch, assistant artistic affairs
Elisabeth Kamphuis, policy officer/planner
Charlotte Sienema,
assistant planner/library assistant

Radio Philharmonic Orchestra (RFO)
Marco Meijdam, orchestra manager
Joan Handels, production manager
Sabine Duch, Production Assistant
Guido Müller, assistant human resources
Fernando Guimaraes Souza,
RFO Librarian

An overview of the orchestra's musicians and conductors can be found on the
site of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra.

Great Broadcast Choir (GOK).
Maaike Kitslaar, choir manager
Ria Raven, office manager GOK
Amber Hill, production manager
Ineke Smits, production assistant GOK
[vacancy], librarian GOK

An overview of the choir members and conductors can be found on the
Groot Omroepkoor website.

Annelies Vrieswijk, Library Assistant
Kirsten Gantzert, Assistant Librarian

Emile Gerritsen, Stage assistant
Kaspar Jansen, stage assistant
Barry van 't Veldt, stageassistant

Paul Cornelisse, senior manager business operations

Financial Affairs
Harold Ghurahoo, team leader a.i.
Nettie Winters, payroll administration
Angela Snoeijs, administrator
Maarten Lambour, debtors/creditors/accountant
[vacancy], contracts

Jacqueline Korver, team leader a.i.
Frédérique Blessing, HR staff member
Hanneke Visser, occupational health and safety coordinator

Marketing & Communications
[vacancy], team leader
Onno Schoonderwoerd, editor/designer
Mary Fan Zandkamp, campaigns
Caitlin Ensor, social media and publicity content creation officer

Jeanette van Es, team leader/business rental
Hendrik Fransen, Facility Coordinator
Shishir Bestebreur, Letting, Planning and Projects Officer
Marcel de Blom, Caretaker
Josephine Kukupessy, Receptionist/Telephonist
Birgit Gantzert, Receptionist/Telephonist and Facility Worker
Ingrid Boerée, receptionist/telephonist
Paulien Meijvogel, hostess
Charles Rademaker, piano technician

For facility-related matters, questions about the building and information about renting studios, please contact us here.

Eric van Balkum, Application Manager
Jan Jaap Kassies, Information Officer

Sem de Jongh, domain coordinator music

Coming soon

Marcus Creed
Friday 3 February 2023
AVROTROS Friday Concert

Odes to music!

Andrea Marcon
Saturday 4 February 2023
NTR Saturday Matinee

Andrea Marcon and Vivaldi's Giustino

Great Sing-along Concert (c) Anna van Kooij
Saturday 4 February 2023

Great Sing Along Concert 2023 - Lustrum Edition!

Marcus Creed
Sunday 5 February 2023
The Sunday Morning Concert

Choral works by Vaughan Williams and Handel

Sunday 5 February 2023
Other series

Jazz in 2: Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even

Friday 10 February 2023
AVROTROS Friday Concert

Ella van Poucke & friends

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