The project is clearly taking shape

The project Digitising Sheet Music Collection SOM is taking shape more and more. The preparation for the digitisation of the catalogue tickets is dynamically undertaken by a number of volunteers from the Muziekcentrum van de Omroep (see photo). They have so far retrieved about 80.000 tickets from the mills, of which 60.000 are now included in the catalogue.

The digitiser is working with the first batch of 5 crates containing about 1500 titles of sheet music. These are expected back in the course of December.

Collaboration with Sound and Vision
The first research results with Sound and Vision are positive; it is conceivable that a link will be established between the sheet music of the SOM and their recordings. Sound and Vision is now starting a project to make these data available for this project. How nice it would be to be able to hear the recordings while browsing through the sheet music.

In the meantime, the design of the new website is also well advanced. It will be a beautiful, professional website with a clear 'wow, I didn't know this existed' look.

Of course, we also want to draw as much attention to the new website as possible. To this end, a marketing plan has been written and a Marketing staff member has been added to the project. In order to inform the sector as much as possible and to enthuse about the collection, employees attend national meetings such as those of the Royal Library and the Dutch Association of Music Librarians. The photos show how project staff member Eric van Balkum and project manager Marjon van Schendel report on their work on this special project.

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