Unknown youth work Louis Andriessen found

During the podcast project Hilversumse Muziekschatten (NTR), a youthful work by Louis Andriessen was found in the search for special music scores from the broadcasting magazine music archives of the Stichting Omroep Muziek. The find shows the path the 19-year-old composer took from music student to celebrity.

Collection specialist Jan Jaap Kassies became intrigued by a manuscript bearing the obscure name of composer Elmo Carter. He found out that it had to be Louis Andriessen, when he saw that 'Louis Andriessen' had been crossed out and 'Elmo Carter' had been put underneath. The manuscript of the Habanera fantasy written in pencil does not appear in the official list of works or in public sources.

A recording of this work was broadcasted on Thursday 30 December on NPO Radio 4 in the Podium programme. Performers: the Carezza Quartet, Sjeng Schupp (double bass) and Pauline Post (piano).
> Listen here to the podcast with the recording and background information.
> Read the full article on the site of Muziekschatten.




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