Vacancy is a network organization that aims to make the big story of the performing arts (music and theater) in the Netherlands visible and accessible. This is done by linking the digital information that individual institutions in these fields have in their archives. It lays the foundation for a digital infrastructure, with which the materials and collections created can be brought to life digitally, connected and new forms of use can be facilitated. It also contributes to the expertise of the music and theater sector. Check out the treasure trove of online collections and archives of the performing arts in the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond at

Wanted: Coordinator of Projects for's core team consists of a network coordinator, coordinators for the domains of theater and music, and a program manager. They are supported by a communications officer and a controller. The core team is accountable to the management board of the consortium. Sound & Vision is the leader on behalf of the consortium partners. There is currently a vacancy for Project Coordinator for (16 to 20 hours per week). Interested parties are invited to apply before February 9. More information can be found on our vacancy page.

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