Leclair, the musical peacemaker


  • Jean-Marie Leclair Parts from Scylla et Glaucus
  • Jean-Marie Leclair Part 1 (Allegro) from the Violin Concerto opus 7 no. 3
  • Jean-Marie Leclair Violin concerto opus 7 no. 5
  • Antonio Vivaldi Concert for 2 oboes and string orchestra, RV 535
  • Antonio Vivaldi Nisi Dominus, RV 608
  • Nicolas Chédeville Part 1 (Allegro) from Le printems ou Les saisons amusantes
  • Antonio Vivaldi Concerto for violin, 2 oboes, 2 horns, bassoon and string orchestra, RV 569

Le Concert de la Loge shows how Jean-Marie Leclair reconciles the Italian and French styles. You will enjoy the result!

Leclair: refinement and expression
The battle that raged in eighteenth-century Paris between the supporters of the Italian and French styles was fought with sharp pens. The pro-Italian philosopher Rousseau (himself a Swiss) concluded that the French actually could not have any music, and if they did, all the worse for them! The great reconciliation took place on the stage. The master violinist and composer Jean-Marie Leclair, born 325 years ago in Lyon but who worked for a time in Turin, brought together French refinement and Italian expressiveness.

Vivaldi in France
Le Concert de la Loge, led from the violin by Julien Chauvin, presents some of Leclair's vocal and instrumental gems. Also music by Leclair's fellow violinist and composer Antonio Vivaldi, whose Nisi Dominus includes the chillingly beautiful Cum dederit. Another bridge builder was the composer Nicolas Chédeville, who arranged Vivaldi's Four Seasons for the instrument that he himself played so virtuoso: the musette, the hurdy-gurdy that is very popular in France.

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Saturday 17 September 2022
2:15 pm
The Royal Concertgebouw

Large Hall


The Concert de la Loge
Julien Chauvin
Conductor, Violin
Emőke Baráth
Tim Mead

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