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Frequently asked questions Big Singing Concert in Utrecht and workshops in Hilversum

About rehearsal and concert in TivoliVredenburg

I can't be present at the start of the afternoon rehearsal but would like to join Benjamin Goodson. Can I come in later?
Yes, you can. The doors remain open.

I already know the works well. Can I join the concert alone?
Yes, you can, but then you will not have received the remarks of that afternoon from the conductor and this can be disturbing for those who have recorded them. Not participating in the afternoon concert does not change the participation fee, which remains the same.

I have no experience of singing in a choir, can I join in? / I cannot read music. Can I join? / What is the required level?
Everyone who loves singing can apply. However, we advise you to prepare your parts with the help of sites such as Cyberbass.com, koorpartijen.nl, coria.nl or practice CDs via Broekmans & Van Poppel (more about this in the question 'how do I get my music').

I am coming by train. Is there a route description available?
Directions on foot to Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC Utrecht and information on parking and public transport can here be found

Which entrance is TivoliVredenburg?
The entrance on Vredenburgkade, Central Hall, where the box offices are also located.

Is there a cloakroom?
At each event there is a cloakroom where you can store all your belongings. The cloakroom is free of charge for participants.

Is there coffee and/or tea during the break and possibly sandwiches or do I have to provide these myself?
Coffee/tea and sandwiches are available in Het Gegeven Paard, if you don't want to bring your own. In the break during rehearsal, free coffee and tea is provided in the foyers around the Great Hall.

Can I register with a larger group or with my entire choir?
You can register up to 5 persons per registration. The person who registers several people via his/her e-mail will be sent all the necessary E-tickets after payment has been made by the person registering. You can then forward these to the various participants. Practice shows that individual registration works better, because then the various e-mail addresses are known and information we send directly to those involved. If your entire choir wants to participate, it is advisable that each choir member signs up individually.

We are working with Ticketshop.nl again this year. The tickets for the Meezingconcert are offered and managed by Ticketkantoor. Ticketkantoor is therefore the official ticket partner to sell tickets for our event. The electronic payment is handled by Mollie Payments. You can find this name on your bank statement. You will receive an e-ticket with barcode by email. You can print this ticket or have it scanned from your smartphone (set to high resolution) at the Meezing counter. On the ticket you will also find the chosen workshop date.

Paid but not received an E-ticket?
Normally the system sends the tickets by e-mail immediately after the payment has been confirmed. Sometimes it takes a little longer for this confirmation to arrive. But after a few hours they should be there. The reasons for not receiving them are usually: the message ended up in your "unwanted messages" folder, or you entered a wrong address (typing error in the e-mail address).

Are you sure you paid and after several hours you don't find the message of Ticketkantoor with tickets? Please contact Ticketkantoor via the contact form you can find on their site: www.ticketkantoor.nl

How do I get my sheet music?
You can purchase the sheet music via Broekmans & Van Poppel. Of course you are free to buy the music elsewhere. When buying the Requiem, make sure you order this version: Bärenreiter 4538a Süssmayr. All other editions differ considerably from the version used for the Groot Meezingconcert. A discount has been arranged with Broekmans. See below for the prices. In addition there are postage costs. When ordering, please mention that you are interested in the Groot Meezingconcert 2022 of the Groot Omroepkoor. You can also order by telephone.
We are not involved in any further orders; this goes entirely through Broekmans & Van Poppel. For questions :
E-mail: music@broekmans.com Tel: 020-679 65 75.

Sheet music Requiem: https://www.broekmans.com/nl/bladmuziek/requiem-kv-626-soli-chor-orchester-klavierauszug-leopold-nowak-barenreiter-urtext-43327. € 9,50 (instead of € 10,45)

Sheet music Ave verum corpus: https://www.broekmans.com/nl/bladmuziek/ave-verum-corpus-kv-618-satb-organ-vocal-score-edited-by-helmut-federhofer-barenreiter-urtext-43458. € 2.75 (instead of € 3.15)

Practice CDs Requiem: Peters Chorsingen leicht gemacht € 13,50 (instead of € 14,75) per CD

Practice games can also be found at coria.com ( http://coria.nl/content/wolfgang-amadeus-mozart/requiem.html ) (= Sussmayr version)

Purchased tickets, but I cannot participate.
The return of tickets once purchased is not possible. There will be no refund or compensation. You can choose to resell the tickets and music. In that case, you must ensure that we are informed of this switch in connection with a possible change of voice type. Please notify us by e-mail at ria.raven@omroepmuziek.nl.

Can choir members sit together during the rehearsal/concert or are they divided by voice group / can I choose where to sit?
Seating is by voice group in the indicated squares. There is no seating. So you can sit together within the voice group if there is room for it. However, it is possible that you will sit somewhere else during the concert than at the rehearsal, because there is no fixed seating, except for the reserved seats for participants with mobility problems who have indicated this in advance.

Is the concert in prescribed concert attire?
No concert attire is required, but festive attire is always nice of course.

Is TivoliVredenburg wheelchair-friendly?
Yes, but it is advisable to speak to a TivoliVredenburg staff member to guide you to the right location.

For disabled parking, TivoliVredenburg recommends to use the Rijnkade parking garage. Please check with the car park for availability of spaces. For more information click here.

If you have difficulty walking (i.e. if you are unable to climb stairs), please ask meezingconcert@omroepmuziek.nl for a reserved seat in the section for your voice type. 

Am I allowed to take (professional) photographs?
It is not allowed to bring in professional photographic, video and audio recording equipment without permission. Consumer cameras are allowed.
Professional photographic and film equipment means devices with interchangeable lenses or reflex cameras.
This year, in cooperation with TivoliVredenburg, recordings may be made for promotional purposes and YouTube. The registration includes a disclaimer so that you are aware of the fact that there may be footage distributed on which you are visible.
Sharing on Facebook and twitter is of course great. However, please be considerate of your fellow singers with regard to excessive use of mobile phones during rehearsal.

Can I bring a guest?
Unfortunately not. There is a limited number of public tickets available. These can only be ordered through the TivoliVredenburg website. This will only be available later in the season at the Site of TivoliVredenburg be available.

About the workshops in Hilversum

Can I change workshops if it turns out that I cannot attend on the date I have given?
Unfortunately not, only in real emergencies can we exchange workshops. Requests can be made only via meezingconcert@omroepmuziek.nl

Can I park near the Muziekcentrum van de Omroep?
Yes, you can park around the MCO. See the links below for information about MCO car parks, street parking and rates.
(On the part of Heuvellaan where our building is located (between J.Pennweg and Middenweg) parking is free on both sides).

Can I bring a guest?
Unfortunately, this is not possible at the workshops.

Do I have to provide my own music?
Yes, see the topic 'Sheet music' in this section.

Is there a division?
Yes, there is a division for high and low voices. You also have to indicate whether you are a high or low soprano/alto/tenor/bass when registering, and there is a division for high/low voices.

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