Marjolein Koning

Marjolein Koning, born in 1971 in Vlaardingen, started playing the oboe at the age of 10. She took lessons from Maarten Karres at the Rotterdam School of Music.

In 1990, she began her oboe studies with Jan Spronk at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. After obtaining her diploma as Teaching Musician in 1995, she graduated as Performing Musician in 1997 with distinction. During her studies she took master classes and had private lessons with Omar Zoboli in Switzerland for a year and a half. From 1994 she played in various Dutch orchestras and ensembles.

From 2002 until the dissolution of this orchestra in 2013, Marjolein Koning was deputy principal oboist in the Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic. Afterwards she joined the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra as oboist. She is also a member of the DoelenEnsemble and the Concertgebouw Kamerorkest. The rest of her time she is active in chamber music, teaching and working on a freelance basis with various other Dutch orchestras and ensembles.

In her free time, Marjolein enjoys the language, food and culture of Italy.

Marjolein Koning

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