Bartók CD with Karina Canellakis receives rave reviews

April '23 saw the release of the first CD of a series planned with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and principal conductor Karina Canellakis for the Pentatone label. This first album includes recordings of Béla Bartók's Four Pieces op. 12 and the Concerto for Orchestra. The CD was immediately received very enthusiastically and received rave reviews. Daily newspaper Trouw:

'The totally unknown Four Pieces op. 12 from 1912 and the masterpiece Concerto for Orchestra from 1943: that combination works extremely well thanks to Canellakis' finely tuned antenna for this music. It results in a top-notch recording, and it is the unknown Four Pieces that you always want to put on. Fascinating music from the time of Bluebeard's Castle, whose echoes are clearly audible here. Canellakis puts maximum effort into detail, with great success.'

More information and ordering options can be found on Pentatone's site.

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