Pynarello & Pathetique


  • Julian Schneemann The Moving Staircase (world premiere)
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Sixth symphony 'Pathétique'

The renovated TivoliVredenburg celebrates its tenth anniversary. Pynarello, Holland's most rebellious orchestra, together with a narrator, brings an exciting performance about Tchaikovsky's mysterious death against the background of his last composition, the Pathétique.

10 years of TivoliVredenburg with Pynarello
A concert marking 10 years of TivoliVredenburg, the permanent home of the AVROTROS Friday Concert. In 2014, the completely renovated venue complex opened its doors as a unique combination of classical concert hall, pop stage and everything in between. Pynarello, the most transverse orchestra in the Netherlands, fits in perfectly. The musicians call themselves a rebel club, a whirlwind that storms through the china shop. They play standing up, without a conductor and without notes in front of them. In their performance, you sit very close as a listener and classical music takes on the same zing as a pop concert.

The Riddle of Tchaikovsky's Pathétique
Pynarello takes you into one of classical music's greatest mysteries. On Oct. 28, 1893, Tchaikovsky conducted the premiere of his Pathétique in St. Petersburg. Nine days later, he died under puzzling circumstances. Had his homosexuality, which he always studiously concealed, come out after all? Did he die of cholera and was that a self-inflicted death or was there something else behind it? A mysterious history that reads like a downright krimi. This mysterious history is the starting point for Pynarello's journey of discovery through symphony Pathétique and the life of Tchaikovsky. The concert opens with a new composition by Joey Roukens, composed especially for Pynarello. Using Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony a new composition by Joey Roukens, Pynarello tells the story of this pathetic symphony.

Friday, May 31, 2024
8:15 pm

Large Hall


Thomas Beijer
Maartje van de Wetering

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Friday, June 14, 2024
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